Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A yacht or power boat hard dodger kit

We have done a number of these kits now.

Eache one supplies the materials to build right up to the paints required to complete the build with.

This was the demo unit, loaded a ready to deliver.

The roof former jig is made from MDF, you just slot in the timber stiffeners, then laminate the supplied 4mm marine plys and 8mm Superform bending ply as the core.

The long sides or wings suited the center cockpit application required, they are optional and not part of the standard kit.

We supply the tempered glass and Dow-Corning 818 silicone in the standard kit. Also the teak grab rails and the center hatch, which is CNC cut for you to make and fit to the finished canopy.

Check the link for more details.

We have shipped these kits to Zealand and also the USA, a detailed builders guide is included with each kit.

Locally these kits can be offered as pre built and ready for you to install.