Saturday 29 June 2013

Cape Cutter 19, how to line up your boats bulkheads?

This is a great idea!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Check that red line Jorgen has passing through the bulkheads of his Cape Cutter 19.
This asks a question, can a lazer beam be used instead of that red string?

About building: I will be as sure as I can that the Bulkheads are
placed correct before I dress them with Longitudals.
So I drilled a 5mm hole in everone and check if there
is 2mm "air" round the 1mm string. See photo.

Perhaps other builders do so, I don´t know.
Regards Jorgen


 When I do this work I set up an overhead nylon line that stays there the entire time, the line is dead center of the build and using a length of brazing rod I drop a plumb bob weight down and can check the centers that way.
Note, the licence to cut this design with our CNC machine was stopped when the GRP moulds were purchased, what we can offer is the Cape Henry 21 and now the Cape May 24, all based on the Cape Cutter 19.

We can offer all of our kits as a flat pack of CNC cut ply only, you can then source the balance of the materials where you are, our service in this respect tends to be in a matter of weeks. Shipping to places like the USA takes about three weeks.