Friday, 5 October 2012

A new hard dodger for your boat

We can re size the cut files to make the dodger fitted to a Dix 43 larger or smaller, we can make it longer too when space is needed to take those solar panels that are in the way on your decks?

A kit to fit a boat this size was priced at R10,000, which is about U$1175 at todays exchange rate, you will have to pay for packing and delivery. A smaller kit to fit an Erickson Mk2 was priced at R8750 and the delivery to the USA was just under R5200, so all in and in R13950  or U$1640 when shipped, some packing will need to be costed in too.

The  comfort and protection such a kit offers when built and fitted is clear to see.

The teak grab rails and hatch trim with an opening hatch are not included in the standard kit, we can supply those items as an extra of course.

We supply the building jig to mould the laminated plys over, the CNC cut window panels, tempered glass, Dow Corning window sealant, epoxy and glass tapes, plus 3M microballoons and fumed silica to make a paste filler from. All this comes with a step  by step guide, you need to have your own tools and a flat work surface to work on.

How easy was that!