Monday 1 October 2012

Hout Bays NSRI Station 8 donations

We have some copies of the book that Colin Davies wrote on the history of the TBA (traditional boat association) the funds collected from the first lot gifted out and with a request for a R120 donation to the NSRI saw about R3500 come in, this was then donated in Colins name to the NSRI.

Thats Colin on the left with the TBA book in front of him,John Donaldson, the printer, is holding both books.The TBA book is a hard bound edition and full of colour pictures and the writen history of our twenty years of traditional doings. R120 plus postage only! thats about U$14.60 each.

Note, we still have some of the Solvesta (also hard bound) around the world solo story, also by Colin and for sale.

I told Colin the sales of whats left will be donated the same way, here is his reply.

You don't have to worry about any more deposits to NSRI in my name -
collect any more you get in and give it to them in your own name - and
to which ever station you prefer.

Station 8 will get a bit from now on, they do a wonderfull job.   Read the story below to find out why I will do this.

Station 8 is to be found near the slip in Hout Bay harbour

All pictures by R McBride.

The Station 8 big boat doing what they do best, the tow was required when the yachts rudder was damaged off Cape Point.