Sunday, 30 September 2012

Yacht building in Hout Bay around 1980

There was a farm on the opposite side of the valley that was owned by the late Fritz Nebe. Fritz was probably the founder of GRP boat building in South African and if not the first he was one of them?

I needed a place to do the decks and fit out my new yacht so I went to the farm and asked Fritz Nebe, he agreed and I paid a nominal monthly rental fee and later a service fee when the farm got Eskom electicity supply. I remember having to go to Siemens to by a 100 meter roll of three strand 2.5mm cable, I still have it by the way.

At the time I asked Fritz for permison to fit out my Endurance 37, Fritz was already moulding the Muira and the Roberts 45, said then to be the largest GRP boat moulded in South Africa? He had the moulds to the Flamenca as well but I think production had stopped on that boat?

Our Endurance 37 hull being off loaded from the trailer and horse that Chris Wray-Forshore used to  move the boat by road from Knysna. Thats a Roberts 45 on the ground, Monty was fitting that out at the time, he named it Freedom and we sailed on it a number of times.

Some years later and after I had fitted a deck and coach roof to our boat. Jean (paarman) but now my wife is seen to be trying out the bowsprit platform, looks ok!

We did a lot with this boat, as a family we used it many weeks ends. it was sold around five years later, then bought a sister ship stranded on the rocks at Slankop, thats another story!

The boat was launched as Ocean Planet but used by six girls in a transatlantic yacht race and then named Tal Gal.

Seen here we are in Saldahna, about 75 miles north or Hout Bay and a week or so after Notty and myself sailed her back fro Rio in Brasil.

Wally Hemmins with Jean and Janet.

Janet was then two and a half and was not born when we launched the boat.