Wednesday 3 October 2012

News from Polar Bound

David Scot Cowper had a tracker device fitted when he was here in Hout Bay.I have a friend who is now in Thailand and will sail to Hout Bay across the Indian Ocean next year, I asked David how his tracker was working?

Dear Roy
Many thanks for your Email which was relayed to me in Dutch Harbour in the Aleutian Islands - it certainly brought happy memories flooding back of the good time in Hout Bay, and the weather up here is a considerable contrast to that in your neck of the woods – it has been very cold and very windy.

I hope this Email finds you as again it will have been relayed, and I am now on my way down to Vancouver and all communication is over the satellite telephone – any further queries can wait until I return to England in November.

The make of radio is an ICOM 710 HF single side band. The Tracker that Robert Ravensburg fitted is very small and has worked, and still working very efficiently. As far as I know it is not necessary to have a radio licence to fit the Tracker, nor do you have to have a licenced Call sign, but I am sure Robert Ravensburg can keep you straight on these points

I am still using the fluid film spray and grease that you gave me in Hout Bay, and still have it on board as it is always proving its worth.

Best wishes, Yours David