Thursday, 4 October 2012

Classic yachts at the RCYC around 1977

An archive picture taken from the decks of a yacht in the RCYC Small Craft Basin, Cape Town.

Hi Roy,

I think the varnished hull to the left would be Stan Eaton's boat Yvette, the one you can just see to the right with a white hull would be Sunmaid, after Jacub off Torshammer had it glassed after buying it off me and using my mooring for free then getting the club to make it his mooring, that's why I had to buy Sonnet to get a mooring back.


(who is now aground in the UK)

An R McBride photo, taken from the decks of Brer Terrapin around 1976 and with a Canon FT film camera, which I still have!

Note, the Pale Blue boat to the right of the picture is Zeeslang, recently restored and still sailing., right click the picture for a larger view.

Check here for more info on Zeeslang (sea snake)

My reply back to Notty,

A golden era when money went so far! when I joined the RCYC it was about R135 a year, you and Stan got in before me and will have paid even less than I did ? money wise it was 2 to 1 against the Pound of course, those classic yachts were plentifull as the class was abandoned I think? To put things into perspective, you will need around R12.60 today to buy one Pound!