Friday, 12 August 2011

A new design we can offer

This is another world first,its still in concept and none have yet to be built,you can follow progress here from time to time.The boat is made into a female mould we supply the build jigs to,so you build it the right way up,with drop keel this design can be moved to your sailing water and then back home.

Introducing the Owe 25

This is the designers introduction.

We are a company located in Italy, we are currently searching for distributors for our racing sailboats kits. We can provide a detailed engineering service and can provide cnc patterns for wood and all steel part ( keel, chainplates, etc..)

All our design contains Cfd ( computational fluid dynamics) analysis, structure analysis, and polar diagram made with wolfson unit vpp, with data coming from cfd studies.

we are going to end a plan for a light and high performance 25 ft.
It's build with plywood, plywood sandwic( okume/pvc/okume) and strip planking.
very light, stiff and fast. The parts are optimized with snap joints for ease of assembly.

Best regards,

Francesco Belvisi yacht design

Ceo Yam Srl

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