Friday, 12 August 2011

How to clean stainless steel with Oxalic Acid

A boats 316 stainless steel still picks up dirt in the air that can stick to its surface and rust,its not the 316,well should not be.If you buy new 316 stock bar or sections it should be marked green at the end,an acid test to proove it can also be done.

Cleaning things like rigging screws and even the wire is a very simple job,no effort required,just Oxalic Acid powder and hot water,leave the parts to soak over night or a day or two and all the rust should be gone.How easy can this be!

This half kilo of oxalic acid will clean an entire boat,use it to take rust stains off your decks,even not use it on alloys or chrome plated items and always wash clean with fresh water after the process,its very easy to apply with a small trigger finger type hand gun.

These are very nice 12mm Norseman terminal ends,check the last pictures to see how they cleaned up after a nights soaking in oxalic acid fluid.

Left click the pictures and check the surfaces,some rust and dirt which is not so easy to get clean when its deep in the threads and sockets.

This is not bad for an over nights soaking!

Clean and ready to refit,use new olives when re fitting always.

There are four of these,they are for sale.


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