Thursday, 14 July 2011

Whats in your garage?

Lots going on in this one,the Toylander had its drive motor and gears installed today and moved myself forward and reverse under its own motive power for the first time,progress indeed!

Yes,I can fit inside the Toylander,so can you.

The competition Hillman  Imp is now right side up,the turning rig removed and the car is on its four wheel dolly,a great bit of kit as it allows me to move the car around and have it exactly where I need it.The new front discs will be fitted soon,then the rear Monte Carlo road springs and the Supalite road wheels with Yokahama tyres.

The drive unit has a reduction box,as a safety item when the off,forward/reverse control is placed to off,the Toylander will stop and will not move,so all the driver needs to do is simply place the control knob in the center position to stop motion in either direction. 

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