Sunday, 10 July 2011

More on Irvin seat belts,the original options.

These are now for sale.

I am not sure how many options exist in total but checking out those from just three cars we have,all circa 1967 and in South Africa where they were fitted,here are some changes I have just noted.

Note the bolt in the center and its logo on the head,this is a stepped bolt,which may be used on the rear belt going back to the side of the car behind the wearer?

Left click for a larger view.

Note the name but no logo on this bolt head,the shoulder of which is much deeper and better suited to fit on a carpeted floor,the metal plate is wide on this option,suited for adjustments?

The same type of bolt with the Irvin name but note the end plate,its smaller and had a sewn termination end on it,suited to go behind the wearer or in this case on the short belt to the floor (remind me to vacume it)

Here we see another name plate,this one also has the logo as well.

Yet another name plate,this one clearly shows the SABS approval logo as well.

Note,the original belts were in a pale grey,I had new webbing sewn in and changed this to black,I still have the original webbing if anyone wants to copy them,sizes etc?

This is the keeper or house that the part with the logo goes into,its kept closed by positive tension and will fall loose if you slacken the belt off,so be aware of this.The side this part goes on is the longer webbing,floor to the rear of the cars inside.

Tail piece,the ends:

The tails were folded double & sewn mainly but some had the grey plastic or chrome ends on them,even the grey plastic end has the name Irvin on it,the top loop just held the loose tails togther.

Irvin seat belts original end terminal.
Other ends? our Singer Chamois (1967) came to us with the belts having the same ends on,these I have changed at the floor but retained at the rear strap position,as it misses the wood trim better,a large metal buckle will certainally damage the wood trim otherwise.

The original Irwin ends,now ready for replating and a latter re fit on some other classic car rebuild.

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