Friday 17 April 2009

Birds Mouth Mast Kits

Our spindle does sterling work on such jobs as birdsmouth spars and masts.

The right tools for the job,you can make a jig and cut with a circular saw but nothing comes close to doing the work right on a spindle,we have a number of special cutters just for birdsmouth masts and spars as in this picture.

left click to see pictures full size.
While these sections are round,we can also do rectangular shapes as well.

Part of the standard kit we supply are the support jigs you can see in this picture,made from sheet MDF and pre cut on our CNC machine,once assembled and made level,they make assembly a simple task,one man glued this mast up (me)

dry assembly is advised to check your glue joints will close up,especially when internal blocks are installed.

We have just made a kit to fit a John Welsford Navigator design,we used the optional NV12 plans for the Gaff Yawl,it has a longer mast than the normal one drawn on NV7.The pictures are of other birdsmouth spars we made (wharram tikki) but the work similar.

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