Monday, 20 December 2021

Ardic 04-D diesel heater major servicing

 Many years back, say twenty of them, I became the owner of an Ardic 04-D diesel heater, it was not installed when removed from the boat it was on and the owner had no information about it at all!

In searching for the user manual I found one on line easy enough.

This unit above is similar to mine but with a different type of electric pump.

Mine has the SU type pump, it was a Lucas label on it.

In my case the wire harness had been cut, there was a very short set of wires left on the multi plug, about 80mm long.

There are six wires involved with connection, red is positive, white negative, they are the thicker 4mm wires.

There are four more wires, white, blue, green, they go to the control switch, the other wire is orange and will be used for the tell tale light to show when the Ardic is running.

Note that there is a factory service box which plugs into a spare multi plug, which is kept in an empty socket, only the factory and service agents will use that plug.

Running the unit makes a fair bit of sound, once installed I doubt that will bother many, as the induction and exhaust sounds will be well muffled.

The heater puts out 3Kw of hot air which exits from a large diameter pipe on the end of the casing away from the control switch.

After a few days I was seeing success, there was plenty of blue smoke on start up, left to clear and on a restart the heater warmed up quickly and without and smoke at all.

I used length of steel pipe to exit  the exhaust fumes out of the work shop.

Running the unit will use 0.4ltrs of diesel per hour.

To be continued:

Please ask me questions, I will advise if I can ?

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