Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Retro 29 leveling

Hi Roy,

Got most bulkheads cut and assembled and four set up on the stocks. Would love to pick your brain about the levelling procedure if you’ve got some time. Latest pic attached...


My reply is below.


Mike could not open the link and asked me as below:

I’ve actually just (yesterday) got a laser level which is brilliant. So much easier than the water level. But I must say I’m struggling with the adjustment of bulkheads a bit. Level and plumb is fine but ensuring all bulkheads are parallel / perpendicular to centreline is a bit trickier. I’m thinking of working out what the distance along the stingers between bulkhead notches should be using trigonometry, then checking that way. Am I over complicating things?

I then replied as follows:

Have you marked the center line and the water line on each bulkhead, both sides is best?

When you have the center line drawn you set up an over head nylon center  line with a dropper from that, the dropper then shows you where the center is.

Leave that overhead line there for reference, also mark the water line on the building walls, you can then get back to the center or water line at any later date.

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