Sunday, 12 November 2017

Retro 29 boat building in Hout Bay,South Africa

Progress on the Retro 29 kit we supplied is taking place here in the village where I live.

Hi Dudley and Roy,

Just a few pics of recent work. I found a great way of lining up bulkheads by using a straightedge across the building stocks to position the uprights accurately before adding the bulkhead.

 I get it centred with the correct distance off first bulkhead and then adjust to get it perpendicular by measuring diagonally from a distant centrepoint to each end of the straight edge. 

Not sure if I’m explaining myself well but anyway it works for me! The laser level has made things a lot easier too.

I’ve got three more bulkheads to go and am loving the whole building process so far.



Thanks to John Maarschalk for the use of his image.

This is Hout Bay

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