Friday, 5 July 2013

Frank Wightmans book The Wind Is Free surfaces

This mail came in yesterday, it left a question at the end, what was it about?


I hope I am not intruding on your time, but I
'navigated' my way to your email address in
my search to find the owner/restorer of
Frank Wightman's "Wylo".

The several websites didn't make a direct link,
but I think you are the gent in question.

Please let me know as I have something
that might be of interest to you.

Best regards,


The copy looks to be in fair condition, what is special about it though?

Thank you for writing me so quickly Roy.
One of my activities here is as a collectible
books dealer and just today in a stroke of
serendipity I bought a copy of
"The Wind is Free" by Wightman.
A very nice though used copy, without a jacket, but,
 . . . signed "F.A Wightman" on the half title page.

One of the things I've always tried to do is not
just put books up for sale, but to research ones of
unusual or special interest - and try to place them
where they would be best appreciated.

The book has been signed by its author, for which James adds a value today of U$100, thats a bit rich for myself, yes I would love to own this book !

If anyone wants to buy this book and before its put out for sale, please contact me and I will put you in contact with the seller.

Hi Roy,
Thanks for sharing some info on Wylo and Frank Wightman.
I bought a book many years ago in a second hand shop in England titled "The wind is free" and of course you know who the author was. I joined the Royal Navy and read the book whilst serving on a minehunter as a Clearance Diver. I have tracked down and read another book, "My way leads me seaward" and have re-discovered my interest in the whole life story of Frank and Gray. Is there any kind of information available on his life story, or is there any kind of official society that you know of (especially in the cape area) that would have any idea where to start. I guess there must be links to his publishing house or biographer but any searches I have made bring me back round the houses to the same few links!!
I see that a restoration project was started which is great, because if Wylo is allowed to just fade away it would be a sad loss, she deserves to be preserved as do his fantastic books! Someone would be missing a trick if she is not to be seen again.
I thank you for your time and hope that you can point me in the right direction towards a little more info.
Fair winds,
Gary Jackson.
P.S. I have visited The Cape before and would love to return one day. Where is Wylo and would it be possible to see her with my own eyes??
Thanks again for your time.