Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Petal Shelving using Superform bendable plywoods

Inga came in to see me some time back, part of a Cape Technikon design, which I believe won her a prize for the creative way she shaped the ply and made a shelf or display unit.

How else can you do this shape so easily!

petal shelving system

A fantastic storage solution for small spaces

Text Roberta Coci

With our Small Spaces issue on shelf now, we’re on the constant lookout for fantastic storage solutions. The Petal by local designer Inge Toerien is a perfect example. A beautifully sculpted plywood creation, its petal shape allows for substantial storage while creating a visually striking design feature of its own. ‘The Petal was conceived from the simple exploration of creating forms out of a single unit,’ Inge told HL. ‘The idea developed through the bending and manipulation of a strip of plastic, investigating what new shapes could be achieved. Bendable Ply is characteristically flexible, so it was the most suitable material choice for the desired Petal form.’

Inge finds herself drawn to collecting things of value or sentiment to her, rather than lots of the same thing, so it’s no surprise that she came up with an inventive way to display these cherished items. ‘I like to use decorative storage options, whether it’s an interesting wooden box for my toiletries, or filling the old trunk in the lounge with spare linen, I like to use what I already have on display,’ the ‘sentimental minimalist’ told us.

The Petal sells for R350 a piece, with free delivery within Cape Town. To order contact Amy Toerien on amytoerien@gmail.com.

Images by MIKU, courtesy of Inge.

There are three thicknesses of Superform bending plywoods, 3mm, 5mm and 8mm, you can have the option of the grain running across the panel or along it. Note, this ply is also waterproof!

With around seven outlets in the Western Cape, there sould be one near you. Contact me for the name of the store closest to you.