Saturday, 6 April 2013

Interthane 990 top coat polyurethane boat paints

International Paints 990 top coat is not seen as a paint suitable for a yacht? I say that as its really a super hard wearing (very) paint that has less than a high gloss.  This suits some applications as a high gloss paint shows any and all imperfections, not exactly what we need?

Fifteen years back, a deck and a hull on a Dix Design radius chine wood/epoxy built boat was painted with the 990 paint, a decade and a half later I have decided to repaint, which is not so bad a life span really.

It was the late Gerry Caine who told me one day that even GRP boats need a gel coat polish twice a year and that later the boat will require spray painting. The gel coats also eventually break down due to UV effects. So it seems GRP and gelcoats are not the answer, in fact some top companies always spray their GRP hulls befor delivery.

To paint a deck when its bare of all fittings is quite a straight forward event, less so when the fittings like genoa tracks and stantions are bolted in place, to remove them is a massive job!

So, starting at the back of the boat I am working my way forwards, the mission is to develop a painting system that gives as good a job as before and if so, even better!

Easy, ask me in a month or so!


We can supply you these paints and Intergard epoxy primer in 5ltr packs.

Note, the mix ratio of Interthane 990 by weight is 100 grams of 990 base to 14 grams of curing agent.