Tuesday 29 January 2013

Retro 29 kit delivery

This kit is rather special, hull number 001 of many to follow I am sure.

For a change it will be built right here in Hout Bay, South Africa, so we can
keep an eye on progress as it happens.

Thats a 29 ft boat on the truck, well the plys at least, we also delivered the 50 kgs of 816 epoxy to glue it all together with. The pine for the building stocks and meranti to stringers will follow as required.

Pictures will open when you click on them.

Check the neat cutting and all the plys on that truck!

A door to door delivery service, at no charge due to the fact the customer is local.

The CNC cutting was on 27 sheets of 9mm ockume marine ply (french) and 1 sheet of 12mm thick, we supplied the rest of the boats plys in this delivery as well.

Exciting times for all involved!

Team talk, the builder, his dad in law and the CNC shop owner.

We can ship world wide, either as a flat pack of plys as in the pictures, or as the full materials list to complete the Retro 29 hull and deck with.

May 2014

Note, the owner builder of this Retro 29 kit set had a change of  plans and was relocated for the best part of a year. He is now back home and we have just delivered his treated pine for the boats building stocks. I will do pictorial updates as I can and as he makes progress.