Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hout Bays winds

We seem to have our own weather in Hout Bay,it can really (really) blow big time and only in our area.

This is the normal other side of the weather,perfect!

My thanks to Justin Phillips who took the above picture.

This was two days back and after the dramatic rescue of Bob,a single handed yachtsman from the USA.
This is a little article on the Nsri website. Winds were 40-50 kts in the evening. I think the locals would have coped (although when you see the pic he doesn’t have an upwind yacht!). At worst he could have run for CT . . . . ah well.

                               Bob Loana, aboard his yacht AKUIDO. Picture by Rob Fine.

I spoke to Bob on his boat tied up on the HBYC marina late yesterday afternoon,his praise for the assistance and skill of the people from Station 8 NSRI could not be over stated,he was he says in extreme danger given the head of his main sail had blown out.

Prior to the arrival of the gale force winds,he was having a nice sail in about 18 knots of breeze he told me,then it arrived and the trouble started.

Well done Station 8 Hout Bays NSRI!

R Mc B

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