Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hillman Imp for sale in South Africa

We have another shell ready for a new owner and a rebuild,the standard of finish and engine specification is open to discussion.So anything from the standard 875cc engine with a single Solex carburetor,to the Sport with twin Strombergs and sport camshaft,to a 998cc engine with various carburetor options,even a twin choke Nikki on a down draft manifold.

A spare Mark 1 (1963?)  Hillman Imp engine cover that will see service as a temporary cover on our 1967 Singer Chamois while the original lid is refurbished.

The next car is a later series and its date of first registration was 01 01 1973,so in real terms the car was built in 1972.It has the last series round dash instruments and no door pockets fitted,we can supply those if required.


021 790-3859 phone and fax line.
Cape Town

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