Monday, 18 July 2011

A book on self maintainace,servicing the Harken furler gear and the rest of your boat

This is not the first time a book of my interests has been suggested,Chuck of said the same thing,he knew a publisher in Hong Kong but nothing else was heard. There are many new issues on servicing our boats,an old book remains just that,old and locked into the older type equipments and materials,just check on an old  yachting magazine and you will see what I mean.

So how about 'Small boat maintainace and other short stories'? the cost of the book will be saved on day one I guess.We now need a publisher..............

Servicing the Harken furler gear

Sounds like a big job and it is if dropping the genoa is a hard job to do,all thats required is a wash with fresh water it says in the handbook.

Doing this task twice a year ensures the bolt rope track stays free and cleans any dirt or salt out of the bearings,do it soon! Note the bearing at the head of the sail,that needs washing clean as well as the lower one on the rope drum.

A comment from a regular blog reader,do we have any willing publishers out there?

Hi Roy,

Not many people like you mate, it's your attention to maintenance detail that in the end has saved you thousands or pounds and kept all your possessions worth more than they would have been without that effort.

You should actually write a small book on the importance of maintenance and maybe even I would start doing what should be done. I don't think people realize how much their time is worth when its spent on themselves, they are quite prepared to spend loads of time talking crap on Twitter or Face book to people the hardly know but neglect their own stuff to their loss in the end.

It could make a very entertaining book by showing how a small effort could and has save pounds and maybe lives?


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