Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fitting a Hillman Imps front radiator

Its probably an easy job really,I wish the factory had done it too,with the extra length of pipe,the water mass increases and the cooling just gets better.

In our case there is another spin off,we are fitting a marine grade Johnston electric in line water pump,its power requirements is just 2.2 amps at 12 volt dc,this is nothing given we have power to spare with a 40amp alternator thats planed.

Air comes in here,it exits via a hole cut in the bonnet but could be ducted out under the car.

In this case some 2mtrs of special grade Heater Hose was used,that and 18 stainless hose clamps,I think a more flexible hose and stainless hose spring coils may do the job too? there is a blog on those if you type in the search words.

Why bother to do all this you ask? well the in line Johnson water pump means we throw away the normal Hillman Imp water pump and its related nine blade fan,the pump and fan take at least five bhp to power at high revs,possibly as many as seven bhp on the motor we are about to install,thats a lot of free bhp.

The other issue is unseen,its balance,we are moving the weight from the rear of the car to the front,the entire radiator and fan assembly thats on the car normally is then unused and free weight and a large saving,the new radiator is plastic not copper by the way.



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