Monday, 27 June 2011

Ian Allens visit

Ian is a local,well sort of,we are both ex Royal Cape Yacht Club members and go back a long way,we supplied to Ian the last Cape Cutter 19 kit we were allowed to sell,he built it down where he now lives in Picton,New Zealands South Island.

Ian with the competition Hillman Imp we are putting together.

Ian was here on a visit to see his mother,he and his son Scott fly out to go back home today.Ian was telling me of a visit to his building project of the Cape Cutter 19 kit by the well known yacht designer Chuck Paine,he designed such boats as the Apogee 50. Ian owns and runs a B&B in Picton,so if your looking for a decent place to stay,contact Ian.

Ian & Paula Allen

The Gables
Web Site
Tel / Fax 64 3 5736772

Picton town,South Island,New Zealand

Hi Roy,

Big day for me on Tuesday the 9th of November, I launched Tiptoe after three years of building and three days before turning 60. The last few days were something of a mad flurry to complete rigging jobs. She came off her trailer eagerly, floated beautifully on her marks, and received champagne and blessings like the little lady she is. The first thing I did was to leap aboard and test the swinging keel down then up and had a little whoop when that all went smoothly. I started the outboard and motored out and then set genoa and main in a perfect breeze and had the unparalleled delight of that first sail - nothing to beat it - and I was thrilled at the way this gorgeous wee boat performed in a 12 knot breeze.

A picture of the complete family,wife,dog and boat,who could ask for more!

The only problem I had was that I had not realised that two screw holes from fixing floor bearers to the keel casing had in fact penetrated the casing and had not (foolishly on the part of the builder!!) been properly filled, resulting in a constant trickle of water into the bilge. So, any guys building out there should be warned, take care to see that all holes are properly filled before the big day!

Anyhow, the occasion was a thrill and Tiptoe came back onto her trailer a treat and I have now sorted the little bits and pieces needed to go sailing my new boat again sometime soon.



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