Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Brer Terrapin and trade wind sailing back from Rio de Janerio

Its taken me some 35 years to get this bit of information!

News just in from one of the guys in this picture,was it in 1976? Peter Hosford was one of these guys,the boats new owner was Dennis O Brien and he took the picture but who was the third crew member?

 He says, by the way, that the other guy on board Brer Terrapin was Dmitri, a guy he met on the beach in Brazil and who went over as crew. Great fellow he says. Peter will contact you soon because he'd like to catch up when they are there.

Cheers for now,

Ian Allen
Yacht Tip Toe
New Zealand

This was one of those rare fine weather days on the trip back from Rio and heading for Cape Town,the year was 1976,the yacht was Brer Terrapin,an Ingrid 38 designed by Atkin and built in South Africa to a very high standard by Pip Smith.

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