Thursday, 30 June 2011

Water based three coat application varnishes

Some months on,seven I think,as we did the test in November 2110? so where are we now with our test panels exposed to the suns rays each day,not to mention the effects of wind and rain.

I have been suitably impressed but have noticed if the surface gets wet,the water seemed to go through to the wood,as the surface changed colour and became dark.Then  last week I noticed the sample left down on the HBYC marina had started to break up.End of this test for now,the suggestion that it will easily out perform other products in this case does not stand up.

Check out the white bits,a sure sign of degrade and it happened very fast once it started.

November 2010
A new product,  we have the samples and its easy to use and safe being water based.
I have some quotes heard recently on the HBYC Marina,Rubol is not what it used to be and I am not buying Rubol at R260 a liter! not my words and I did not make them up either.When I tried to buy some at Makro recently I found they will not even stock it now due to the high price,so now what?

One of our suppliers has a product that will do the job and at a much lower price and as its water based the price should remain lower,with oil now at a record U$90 something a barrel,oil based products are set go one way and thats up.

The test sample is on new Iroko wood,the brush marks would not be there with either a thinner application,or using a foam roller?

The primer is on the left,its really muddy but dries near clear,the top coat is the one on the right,both are easy to apply and clean to use.

This is a new idea for me,there is a base coat,one layer,then two layers of top coats and your done,I am assured this will out last other coatings,time will tell on this but there is no reason for me to doubt our suppliers.

The coatings dry really fast,it looks a bit muddy when first applied but soon smooths to a decent teak colour,other shades are available too,the great issue with this is its water soluable,so there are no turps or thinners to buy and you just wash your brush in clean water!

Note,I suspect application with a small foam roller is better than a brush?

Available from CKD Boats cc.

A later test on teak wood with a roller worked well.

One coat of primer applied with a 100mm foam roller,this is on to plantation grown teak which was pre sanded with a 100 grit sander disc.The application was easy and a much better looking finish.

Two top coats are done with the same roller after washing it clean from applying the primer coat.

After application of the primer coat,I washed the foam roller out in clean water before the application of the top coats,this is the same roller after application of the top coats and a second washing,ready to use again,no mess and no solvents either.

This is a remarkable surface finish from only three coats.

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