Wednesday, 6 July 2011

One of those makes one of these

Both circa 1967 and both ex Scotlands Linwood factory where they were built,the finished car is a Mk2 Singer Chamois,the car on its side is a Hillman Imp Mk2 that was built (assembled,ckd) in South Africa but will be rebadged as a 1966 Singer Chamois Sport,which we broke due to a poor body shell,all parts and documents are original though.

Left click either image to view in a larger size and greater detail.

Today we fitted the Singer Sports new front radiator & made a discovery when it was finished too,once the front is removed,the entire area under the front petrol tank is accessable to view and work in,what a nice thing to have.Now service of the clutch and brake master cylinders is easy,we can also see and check the petrol exit pipe too.

The black box to the right is a pair of water service pipes from the rear engine to the front radiator,still to be plumbed in but an easy job given the space and access we now have.


Driving and working with Imps for 47 years!

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