Monday, 4 July 2011

The Astra story,a continuation

Astra will now be around 77 years old,thats quite an old lady ,my involvment was from the time Jean and I saw her on a rickity boat park trailer in the public car park in Simonstown,the result was well documented,its in this blog if you care to find it,most is at there is a fast link to that and some of my other stories here at .

I rebuilt Astra in the only way how I know will last,cold moulded with  a new outer hull,no she will not measure as the Tumlaren she is but who cares,there are none other to race against,so its not an issue.

We re launched about 12 years back,the rebuild took me 18 months I think,all part time and mainly weekends,the HBYC kindly donated hard space to the project,thanks guys.

As the project took on to a decent pace,some from the local TBA took interest and Oscar and Howard decided to take Astra on as their own,I handed over to them and they became her new owners.The boat now belongs to Oscar,here it is on a trailer in Simonstown (i think) she looks fine to me from these pictures,which were taken and supplied by Justin,who tells me he used his Canon G12 to take the pictures.

Proof enough that quality ockume marine plywoods,epoxies and Internationals Interthane paints work well together.


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