Sunday, 15 May 2011

Toylander brakes and drive gear

Again we are revisiting the Toylander engineering,its taken some while but at last we have sourced an electric motor and gear box ex stock in South Africa.The motor is 12 volts dc,180 watt output,with a gear box thats 40 to 1 reduction,which on its own will make the Toylander a little too fast,so a further reducion will be done at the chain to axle drive gear.

This is as the plans are drawn and it works too but we will change some positions slightly and add a special long screw nut on the foot brake adjuster to make things easy to adjust.

A picture says a lot more than words they say,the manual is full of pictures and a real help but this shot may be even more helpfull. Pictures of the motor and gear box will be taken tomorrow when the courier delivers them,we will change the plans method of the drive chain by adding another bush to further support the wheels drive gear.

Note,we have three spare sets of engineering parts being fabricated now,place your order to get one soon.


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