Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sails and wings and a happy customer

There is very little difference in the sails on our yachts  and the wings of a plane it seems, its the same with materials too.The wings on this small plane are made from Dacron,same as with many yachts.

The device is not a  toy,its a real one man plane! we are supplying the glues to laminate a new wooden propellor from,plus epoxies for saturation and coating with 6oz glass cloth.

The plane is a motorised hang glider not to be confused with a Trike Microlight

The Prop is 42 " and the motor is a Konig 3 cylinder Radial 2 stroke of 20 Hp the total weight of the under carriage with 8 lts  of fuel is 32KG.

I attatch a photo of the aircraft I will later send you pictures of the prop


Yours is the most efficient company that I have delt with in a very long time.

Do you have a spec sheet on the Epoxy I am particularly interested in the tempreature range it can handle.

Many thanks

Regards Tony

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