Saturday, 14 May 2011

Andre's light weight canoe

The canoe in the pictures was designed around 4mm ockume marine plys,Andre made one from our 3mm Superform bending plys,saving around 50% in the boats weight,such savings are normally only posible using expensive exotics,in our case the bending ply is actually cheaper than the marine ply!

Check out the nice detail works and how the pale straw shade of the Superform Bending ply blends in with the trim,its nicer than normal marine ply I think?

This was not built from one of our kit sets but could be if you buy the plans and supply them to us,we can of course supply all the required materials right through to paints.

Easy building using the well known stitch and glue method.

We have suggested a super light build of boats using our bending plys before,its around 50% lighter than marine plys,check this one out as built by Andre.

Hi Roy,

Hope you are well. This is a 14' Chesapeake light Craft kayak, I used your'e 3mm bendy ply.

Have a great day.



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