Sunday, 8 May 2011

Harry Ellens,the sailmaker

The original Ellens and Hudson sailmakers cloth badge,as seen world wide as sailors went cruising.

This corner was cut off when a genoa was changed from being a hanked on sail to a furler when a Harken system furler was installed,you can see the quality of the stitching and leather work is good.

This Ellens and Hudson mainsail is still in good condition,its tan cloth is nice on the eyes while sailing.

Why mention Harry? well I have never met the guy but I have seen the Ellens and Hudson lable on his sails many times over,the hand work looks good and Harry had a good name while his loft in Durban was open,he later closed and worked for North Sails I believe.

May 8th 2011,well it took some years you get an answer but here it is'thanks Len.

Hi Roy,

You were asking of Harry Ellens – he ran a Doyle Loft and then a UK Sails Loft in Durban for a while, later came down to Cape Town for about a year where he worked at Quantum and did sail design for Sanders Sails in Lymington before moving to the UK to work for Peter Sanders in Lymington.



Len Davies

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