Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Didi 34 being lifted on the Hout Bay Boat Yard Travel Lift

This was part of the survey work and when we went to the HBBY (hout bay boat yard) this morning to be lifted clear of the water.

The boat was built in just two years and from one of our kits, what a fine job the builder made!

 The keel bulb is none standard but was designed by Dudley Dix and around a lead bulb mold that
the builder had the use of.

The International antifoul looks fair for 18 months in the water.

A high pressure water wash soon removed the small amount of marine growth from the under water area.

The HBBY did the lift, powerwash and re launch all in the same day.


This boat passed the survey with ease and was sold, we do have another similar design for sale , please contact me for details.