Monday, 29 July 2013

Taylors 30L paraffin stove in Cape Town

This should be on offer by next month and here in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

(now here, August 7th 2013)

The Taylors 30L stove comes complete with a remote 1.5 (about 8 litres?)gallon fuel tank and 1.5 mtr supply line.

The stove has been collected by our courier, it will be with us this week,
Once its here I will sort out the required new burners and sell it on for the owner.

We have contacted Taylors in the UK and asked for prices on new burners and a service kit, once the couriers have delivered the stove and parts are here, the refurb will be done.

How about that!

When new, lets see how close this good condition stove we will restore will come to the one in this picture.
Due to the size of the stove and its tank, this would suit a new owner who already has a boat here, or one that was passing through, it will of course also suit a camper or cottage some place off the Eskom power grid ( that's most of us in winter?)

For those who are in South Africa, we can send the refurbished stove to you by courier for around R400, the cost to the stove will worked out when we have the cost to the spares required to service it.