Thursday, 4 August 2011

All oil filters are the same?

I would like to think so but I am sure if we asked around we might find some highs and lows in standards?
some marine diesel engine manufacturers even supply/sell their own brand of oil filters,I can think of Volvo and Perkins as two for now but I would guess they have them made in the same factory as some other brand?

Same size box,same size filter,different branding but both known brands world wide.They are not quite the same shape though.

Still the same? if you left click the picture you will see one main difference,no big deal as its the way the ring of holes are finished but can you spot the other difference?

to be continued,its tea time.

Do you know that one Five Roses tea bag easily makes two mugs of top quality tea!

The filter bases in the picture are not quite the same,whats the issue,they both fit the same engine and will work just as well I have to assume.There is an instruction on box supplied with both brands but its the Purolator brand that asks that we check that the old filter we have removed has not left its oil seal ring gasket on the engine block.Having done this myself many times and on one instance found the old ring and the new filter and new ring was now on the engine. The oil pressure with two rings would probably break the seal and if the engine was not shut down in seconds,ruin the engine bearings.

Purolator have thought this one through,check how the black rubber seal is part trapped in its case groove,this will go some way to ensure the old seal comes off with the old filter but do check each time anyway.

The oil seal on this brand of filter is easy to remove,this is not an issue but its best we check to make sure the old one is not left on the block.

Both manufacturers ask that we smear a coating of oil on the new gasket and hand turn the filter 3/4 to 1 turn to the mounting base,check the dip stick,add oil then run the engine and ensure there is no oil leak.

So self service of our own engines is possible,get stuck in and you will find you will enjoy it!


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