Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hout Bays specialist shops

We need specialists,some in each field,one such place deals in electical supply,thats AC either domestic or commercial,I was fortunate a year or so back to walk in to Super Team electrical wholesalers and meet up with Philip behind the counter.

Freddie,Brian center and Philip to the right.

My needs were not straight forward,I was installing a 220 volt system in a yacht,I explained what I thought was required and Philip sorted out what was needed,wires,plugs,glands,distibution box and the breakers.Mainly ex stock but Super Team will normally do you a same day supply ex their own suppliers if you can wait untill the mid afternoon,as they have a delivery service and do collections daily,recomended!

The Super Team as it is today,Brian has recently come out of retirement to help out when his son re located.

Freddie,Philip and Brian

The team,best for good  service in Hout Bay contact them on 021 790-8724/8 or the address is 39 Victoria Road.

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