Monday, 7 February 2011

Gone with the wind but not the charts.

The Russians left on Energy Diet before ten am this morning,I saw them earlier and explained the charts I was giving them would be ready as soon as the copy shop opened at 9am  had done some copies,after which I then single wrapped the charts one by one in clear plastic.

This included a routing chart (from anna) the three charts of the west coast to see them safe to Namibia,a chart of the North East coast of Brasil to Fortezelza,entry information to the harbour at Forteleza and clearing in info, plus todays weather report and synoptic local weather chart.All that lot was done (and paid for) in under  one hour,by which time the nice guys on Energy Diet had just sailed out of Hout Bay Harbour and into the fog,so no picture with this blog.

To the Russians,thanks Guys.


Ps,does anyone want to buy some charts to cover my outlay?

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