Thursday, 17 September 2009

Singer Chamois Coupe for sale,1969 model?

A similar model,this one won a prize in its class at the Imp Clubs 2007 Hop Farm annual club meeting.

We know some of the Imp class of cars are now very rare but few as rare as the Singer Chamios Coupe we now have for sale,thought to be a 1969 model but as no paper work or engine/chassis numbers exist,at the time of writing this can not be confirmed,what can be confirmed is it is a four head light Singer Chamois Coupe,the picture of the front of the car tell us that much.

For those needing more info please email me at ,we can ship world wide,with an engine and transaxle if required.

Some known history:

I spent about 3 years fixing up the car:

Cut rust from rear quarter panels, repaired both sides’ outer and inner panels with fibre sections
Full respray
Retrim roof/side/door panels
Re-upholstered back seat cushions (front seats were still good)
Fit new carpet throughout
Retrim and refurbished the dash, adding a custom hardwood dash insert with full set of individual Jeager gauges from a Citroen!!
At no point did the car have decent wheels: I got it with 13 x 7 Ford “Rostyle” wheels that had the mounting holes reamed by hand to fit. I wanted to fit Minilites, but at the time could not set the money aside…The only other issues that remained were to repair the waterpump (I planned to eventualy fit an electrical pump and recore the radiator), and find a driver side window, but then I accepted a job in and relocated to the USA. The vehicle was in storage for about a year when a friend’s friend made an offer on it…

Now that I have it back the issues are:

Chassis plate (removed from position next to fuel filler before respray) missing
Engine and gearbox was sent for refurbishing by previous owner, but the shop closed down…I may be able to trace the owner of the shop, but what happened to the drivetrain no-one knows
Front seats, rear seat cushions missing
Sideshafts…one missing, one present but not fitted, thus rear hubs can not hold wheels (which are also missing) on car…
RH front brake drum and shoes missing
Front indicator/parking lights missing
two dents on right side above and below rear quarter window (but should be an easy fix)

The body is still largely straight and rust-free, but what is perhaps more important is that none of the trim went missing!!!, and all glass remains intact (except for drivers window which was never there)

If I remember correctly, the chassis number was along the lines of B722000853, but I am not absolutely sure…I do know that at the time I researched it all indications were that it was a 69 model, and propably one of the last made.

Whereas the car was a fine example to be preserved when I sold it, now it would be good for spares, donor car, or for building a coupe from an existing saloon, or (shock, horror!!!) modification/rodding/racer, or given enough resources, restoration back to spec

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