Saturday, 18 July 2009

Yacht designer Dudley Dix visits clients in Hout Bay

Welcome visitors,from the left,Andrew,Justin and Dudley.

Dudley was on a flying visit to South Africa,so kindly made himself available to meet with two of CKD Boats clients.Andrew is building a 37ft wooden yacht to which we have supplied the plys and epoxies for the boats hull skin,Andrew has been asking about a mast kit based on Dudleys new design ideas,Dudley will design a suitable mast section,we will machine the clear oregon pine timbers and Andrew will build his own mast,saving a huge amount of money but having a top quality and modern looking mast with carbon fibre spreaders.

Justin has an idea to build his own power boat,a gentlemans 40ft long motor cruiser cabable of long passages at an economical speed and fuel consumption.
we have posted pictures of his design on this blog in the past,Dudley will (when time allows) bring Justins ideas to a stage where we can offer the new boat as one of our designs and produce it as a full kit,including the interior.

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