Saturday 22 March 2014

British Seagull 5hp with a new finish

The Seagull engine in question looks to have never run in salt water, it was very second hand when delivered though.

Now such engines are made from good materials and given we can take them apart to the last nut and bolt if required, refinishing to as close to new is possible.

The flywheel cover will be sprayed with new gold in a hammer finish.

This work is not unlike restoring a classic car it takes time, lots of time, plus the parts have to be imported, Cape Mail stopped the parcel, then levied duty plus the normal 14% Vat of course.

So here we are, the main body and power train is rebuilt, its the fuel tank next and that has to be cut into three parts to enable it to be reshaped and allow the new solid brass threaded insert to be Silver Soldered in, thats expensive stuff, then again this is that kind of restoration.
Just the hammered gold paint on the flywheel cover and the rebuilt fuel tank to add now.

Hint, keep your restored British Seagull outboard working well and looking clean by running it in fresh water and then cleaning it down with some Teepol Orange (clear)  pure soap, then rinse with clean water.

The outboard as it looked on arrival!
The engine will not have run in years?
 Dirty and the tank filler is wrecked, the parts were mainly intact otherwise, you can see why a total strip down was required.
A message in from my parts supplier.

Must say the Seagull looks as close to original factory condition as any I have seen, well done!



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