Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to assemble a Mirror Dinghy from a CNC cut kit

This may be the same from a hand or electric jig saw cut kit but Peter the boat builder was very happy with the panel fit and how easy the hull went together. Check how well the bulkhead in the picture fits.

With the actual hull dry assembled with copper wire, Peter then applied a mix of epoxy , micro balloons and fumed silica between the copper wire.

Note how clean and smooth the center line joint is when the copper wire has been removed.The dagger board case has not been fixed in position yet.

The deck and seat panels fit well ( I have the foredeck upside down!)

This is a larger boat than I expected but Peter tells me it has turned out to be a  pleasure to construct.
With regards to the size, the Mirror is 10' 11" long but check the chopped off pram dinghy bow, is we extend the sides forward we really have a 13' 6" inch boat!

The decks and seats will all be bonded in next week and we will then have the very first CNC cut Mirror assembled and ready to trim out.

Once measurements are prooven we can accept your orders for both kits and completed boats, on a first come first served.

This boat will be sold unpainted unless you want it finished.

More next week


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