Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to assemble a 5hp British Seagull outboard

The diagrams I have give an indication as to what goes where but so many models seem to use other parts and its not altogether clear what fits what or where? We have fitted the 25:1 petrol to oil conversion kit to the carburetor, the original mix was 10:1 so prone to smoking?

With Friday being a public holiday in South Africa I used the free time to sort this lot out, click on the picture to enlarge.

We now hold stocks of the correct 140 grade of gear oil.

Parts have been re chromed and really do look correct now.

The main assembly is back together, the clutch works again, all that remains is to fit the propeller, the mounting clamp, carburettor, handle and control, plus that petrol tank with its gaping hole once repaired.

How easy will that be, time will tell?


We have a similar British Seagull 5hp engine which was serviced and fitted with new parts as required, its for sale, restoration can be done if required. The engine has never been used in salt water and is in great condition, contact me for pricing.

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