Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ship in a bottle, from St Helena Island

Ok its really a yacht but I guess its fine for me to use the normal term of ship?

The year was 1977 and we were four up on the Ingrid 38 yacht  by William Atkin, the yacht was Brer Terrapin. My bottle has since been back to St Helena and on the yacht Ocean Cloud, then onto Salvador, Bahia, Brasil and then as far as Venezuela and Trinidad  before sailing all the way back to Hout Bay, near Cape Town in South Africa.

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In 1977 and when we arrived at St Helena Island after 13 days sailing time from Cape Town, a guy offered to do us a copy of our yacht sailing in a bottle, the price was about eight Pounds? the deal was we had to also supply the bottle and preferably still full of brandy?

This was one of two we had made, Dennis the skipper and yachts owner had the other one. Sadly the guy had passed on when I next sailed to the island, so Ocean Cloud never had one made.

Facebook has just posted another one but of the yacht Rainmaker which Michele still has, she and her husband Peter, both ex Durban are now in Australia.

The book Cape Towns Traditional Boat Association was a good seller, some copies are still available, contact me to buy a copy, now just R135 per copy plus postage.

All sales income go to Station 8  NSRI here in Hout Bay.


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