Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Exide battery charging on a Singer Chamois

The 1967 Singer Chamois is kind to batteries, the Lucas  generator only puts out 20amps but for normal driving use and including using headlights this is fine.

The battery is a couple of years old, more maybe? I have never checked the fluid levels as modern batteries seem not to need this?  The car is used on a weekly basis but not for great distances, I allow the engine to reach a decent warm up and by the time I put the car away the heater is working, this in an Imp tells  you that the water has circulated and arrived at the front of the car.

The car normally starts first time and even after a week or two when I have not driven it. Recently I have detected that the battery was not quite as strong as normal, time to check the fluid levels? I removed the battery and sure enough the fluid levels were well down, topped up and with a fairly clever charger on I was pleased to see that the charge came up to a decent level.
The battery fits on the right hand side of the engine bay, looking inside it to check the fluid levels is not that easy, so removal of the battery was the better idea.
Its worth checking the battery levels?
How easy is that!

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