Sunday, 16 March 2014

A British Seagull outboard world first?

This is the week of world firsts for us it seems?

We started with the first Mirror Dinghy CNC cut kit, now its the very first British Seagull petrol tank filler neck we have had made.

The 1971 5hp British Seagull we are restoring arrived with a fuel tank that was seriously battered, the ends are both pushed in and the filler neck was missing, it had what looked like a cars radiator filler cap brazed in place instead.

Why is this a world first?

Well our regular British Seagull parts supplier in the UK, says that this filler neck was not listed on the official  parts list and has never been asked for in the 25 years he has been selling British Seagull parts!

We have a very talented  local engineer who was able to machine a new neck to match the original  type petrol cap he was supplied. The price? I did not dare ask, we can ship worldwide if your wanting one?

The new neck nearly closes off the hole.

The tank needs both ends cutting off for re shaping, the hole will be closed from the inside when thats
being done, we need silver solder, expensive!

How easy a fix will this be, I have no idea........


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