Friday 21 March 2014

Google Earth is watching you

Well I have to assume its Google Earth, it may be the Cape Town City Council also?

Seen yesterday and in the Alphen to Constantia areas.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is not too bad a picture when we consider the camera is my now old Canon G11 which has the well known fault of scratches on the lens, yes a bad design fault for sure. I went to telephoto as the Honda CRV was moving away from me, the windscreen of my Ford LDV seems not to be there?

The Eyes Have It, or is that us?

I think the gear was active as a spinning wheel could be seen on the top of the rig.

Big Brother or was it Little Sister?


Note, if your home, car or person is found on Google Earth and you have an objection, you can request them to degrade the image, you can also ask them to correct a position based on a postal code if the building indicated is to be seen out of position. I have done this myself and later found the marker was placed in the correct position.

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