Sunday 23 March 2014

A new Hillman Imp Timing Chain Tensioner

May 2014 and some two years since the repair shown below was tested in a 1963 Hillman Imp engine. We find the rub strip looked just as it is in the picture below but could be prised free with a screwdriver.

Please do not copy this attempt to re furbish the Imps timing chain tensioner parts, an update will follow once we have the correct grade of glue.

I say new but refurbished would be a better term?

Now we are into year 51 of the Hillman Imp motor car some parts are either hard to find or very expensive, both probably?

The engines timing chain tensioner fits that description exactly.

This is an old tensioner fitted with a South African anti friction pad, I did this in April 2013 for a 1963 Hillman Imp engine I was rebuilding.

The 1963 engine with the remade chain tensioner fitted. The engine has now run for many hours as a static motor on the bench top, no degrade of the tensioner was seen.

The suppliers of the friction pad and the special flexible epoxy were both involved with this idea, approval was given by both suppliers.

The last Rootes made tensioner  (on the right) was supplied to me by a company in the UK in 2011, the cost ex works was GBP42 then, that's about R756 right now, plus postage, import duty and local Vat of course.

The small friction pad on the left may be next to be remanufactured if there is enough response?

We now have a Timing Chain Tensioner export order and would be happy to have more!

The price? R385 ex works and with a replacement tensioner blade, that's GBP 22.00 or U$36 .00 depending on the exchange rate? payment with your Amex, Visa or Mastercard via Pay-Pal is acceptable

The old and the new, we need your old metal parts on and exchange basis.


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