Sunday 23 March 2014

The RCOD or Black Soo design as a kit?

This has been on the back burner some years but we have never had a an order,so nothing ever became of the idea. The  Royal Cape One Design (RCOD) concept was taken from Zeeslang, which is still sailing and now in Austria.

The boat that started it all, Zeeslang.

A Roy McBride picture, taken in the Hout Bay Harbour at the Hout Bay Yacht Club marina.

BUT! that design is a very special and super fast sailing yacht, plus against some of todays fancy but fast yachts can still show a decent turn of speed, did Chris in Durban quote me 25 knots of boat speed?

We now have an ex TBA member who is doing the plans, put that another way a cut file for us to CNC the hull bulkhead shapes.

Unlike the older plywood boats, the new ones when built in an epoxy/ plywood build will stay both light and also strong.

Traditional wood builds could and did take as much as 20% of the boats weight up in sea water, it would have been less with the plywood sheeting builds, say 10% how much is that, I wonder would it be 50 or even 100kgs?

Anyone with interest with this design and idea please contact me.


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