Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bob Kelseys race Imp, a new picture!

I thought all the pictures of the 1966 South African Saloon Car championship winning race Imp had been seen, then up pops another one!

Photo supplied by Phil Webb, many thanks.

This is Phill Webb doing a hill climb and taking 1st in class in his Hillman Imp.

Hi Roy

The attached image for your interest,

The ex Bob Kelsey Imp I purchased and raced in the early seventies, this shot at the Krugersdorp hill climb!

Phil Webb

Are there any more pictures out there, where is this car now, are any parts still in existance?


More information has just come in from Phil.

Hi Roy
I in fact bought the Imp from Coenraad Spamer (spelling)?
Coenraad  did indeed race the Imp country wide having purchased the car from Stanley Motors.

Coenraad assisted me by giving terms to pay of the vehicle price we agreed upon (I was a pennyless immigrant plumber)

I did not participate in many events with this car, partly because of reliability issues and budget constraints,  production car racing being the premier events at the time.

Mostly I competed in club events and the Krugersdorp hillclimb at which I gained 1st in class,

I did fit a Jack Knight 5 speed box to get some gearing correct.
I remember the much worked on cylinder head collapsed at the `wills rings` machining around the combustion chamber,

The Imp sadly was retired, to be used as a road car in various guises using an assortment of engines and gearboxes, mainly Renault, and one ridiculous installation of Chevvy Corvair flat 6 motor and box.

My enthusiasm for Imps remains

PS I shall follow Terence Tracey`s `Impscapades` to London with  much interest!

Phil Webb