Friday 9 November 2012

A new Hard Dodger design to our cut files

This was a job in process over some weeks, the order was to supply an Erickson 35ft Mk2 with a hard dodger similar to the one made as the test unit on a Dix 43 in wood/epoxy, the fitting was easy if it took a little time to work the process out!

From this work we produced a decent step by step builders manual which explains the various steps and processes for you to build your own hard dodger, a boat builder or joiner could do this for you of course.

Full sized its like an extra room on this size boat, scaled down would it still do the same?

Miles in the USA sent me some pictures of his boat and the related sizes for me to re size to fit the boat he has. It works out that when we re size down by 28% its a good match to fit the 35ft boat he has, we then decided on a height in the center, allowed for that and plus a little extra so that when Miles scribes the new 
dodger to fit his own boat he has material spare to work with.

The center hatch frame and its mount ring will be included in the kit, so are the tempered glass panels,epoxy, glass tapes,Dow Corning 813 silicone sealant for the windows etc.

Note, we will do the view windows in clear glass for this boat and the air vent hatch in a tinted smoke to reduce overhead glare.

We will be cutting this next week!